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At Broens Gadekøkken we take the COVID-19 situation very seriously. Our spacious square is 4.600 m2, and we have developed a set of house rules that apply to us all at the square, so we can enjoy life without compromising each other's safety. We follow the development of the virus very closely and always follow the instructions of the authorities. We encourage all our guests to follow the guidelines of the National Board of Health. Refresh them at sst.dk.

At Broens Gadekøkken we have

Increased the distance between the tables

So you can move around the square while keeping a proper distance to other guests.

Set up glass barriers in all food stalls and bars

So we keep a safe distance between guests and staff.

Applied queue markers on the ground

So we all can keep a proper distance while waiting in line.

Frequent cleaning of contact surfaces

Tables, benches and toilet facilities are often cleaned by the staff at Broens Gadekøkken.

Multiple sinks and hand sanitizer dispensers

So it is easy and convenient to keep hand hygiene.

Your action is important

Show consideration and remember to keep distance to other guests and our staff

Especially when queuing for both bars and food stalls.

Let one person from the table order and pick up food and drinks

That way we can avoid unnecessary queues.

Wash your hands and use disinfection frequently

Extra sinks have been set up and you will find handshakes at all bars, toilets, entrances and more.

Stay home if you are unwell

Save the visit until you are fit again.

Show consideration to others by coughing and sneezing in your sleeve

Not in your hands. Our staff does the same.

Get tested on a regular basis

To prevent the spread of COVID-19. It is not a requirement to show a negative test when visiting Broens Gadekøkken, but it is still a recommendation to get tested on a regular basis.

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